Meet Our Staff...

Nancy Doize'

Studio Owner

Owner and artistic director of the Nancy Doizé School of Dance for 38 years, began her dance training at the age of four. She began dancing professionally in San Francisco at 17 after studying ballet locally with Dimitri and Francesca Romanoff. While in San Francisco, she had the opportunity to work with Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova and Mikhail Barishnykov. She has earned many choreography awards and judged many dance competitions. She has an AA degree in Music, a BA degree in Business, is listed in the National Registerʼs Whoʼs Who in Executives and Professionals and in 2008 was inaugurated into the Youth Mentors Hall of Fame. Nancyʼs happiest moments are spent sharing her love of dance with her students and watching their joy as they master dance in a caring, positive and professional environment. Many of her students have been inspired to have gone on to dance careers.

Teagan Drake

Dance Instructor

Is beginning her second year of being part of the teaching staff. She began her dancing career at the age of 3 and loves all styles of dance. She is a member of the award winning Doizé Dream Team and is a captain on the team. Her jazz solo earned her many top awards last year. Teagan loves working with the young dancers and 1choreographing all styles of dance. She attends Pioneer High School.

Haley Launer

Dance Instructor

Haley graduated from San Jose State University in May 2019 with a degree in Public Health and communications .  Haley was three years old when she started in Creative Dance classes and has grown up in the School of Dance taking ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and hip hop classes. Haley is a former member of Doizé Dream Team and has earned many awards for her lyrical solos.  This is Haley’s tenth year of teaching dance and her favorite style of dance is lyrical.  Her students love her enthusiasm, talent and creativity.  

Jennifer Schell Hume

Dance Instructor

Is Nancyʼs niece and began her dance career at the age of three. Jennifer studied dance in San Francisco for a short time and enjoys teaching all styles of dance. Besides raising four children, Cameron,Baylie and the
twins, she is certified with the Aerobics Fitness Association of America, pilates and Zumba. This is her 24th year of teaching at
the School of Dance.

Emily Levin

Dance Instructor

Emily has been dancing with Nancy since she was 3 and a member of  DDT for 9 years.  She is a junior at Leigh High School and loves working with the young dancers.  Her favorite style of dance is tap but she is trained in all styles of dance.  When not dancing, Emily is busy with her dogs Winston, Scout and Luke.

Erica Valenzuela

Dance Instructor

Erica has been teaching and choreographing for 22 years and has won many awards for her choreography. She began her dance training with Nancy at the age of 5. Erica was an officer for the award-winning Pioneer High School Dance Team and then professionally danced for the San Jose Saber Cats, Golden State Warriors, and the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders. Her specialty is jazz, but she has a well rounded background in all styles of dance.  She is part of the talented team of choreographers for the Doizé Dream Team. Erica is also a talented cosmetologist who is in high demand from the dancers during prom season.

Stacey Abbott

Dance Instructor

Starting with a love of ballet, quickly expanded her repertoire by adding jazz, lyrical, hip hop and tap. Stacey is known for her ability to turn non stop. She is a former member and captain of the DDT and was also on the dance team at Sonoma State University. Stacey graduated from SJSU with a degree in Kinesiology.

Lisa Aquino

Dance Instructor

has been dancing since the age of 5.  She began her teaching career at the age of 16 and has taught throughout the U. S.  She holds a Bachelors Degree in Theatre and Dance from Santa Clara University and throughout her career has studied under some of the biggest names in dance.  Lisa’s passion is tap, but she enjoys teaching lyrical and jazz as well.  When not teaching dance in a studio setting, Lisa spends her time choreographing for musical theatre companies around the Bay Area.

Leann Nguyen

Dance Instructor

Leann is a platinum award winning member of the Doizé Dream Team and is excited to share her love of dance with her students. She earned the title of Regional Dancer of the Year at the 2016 Rainbow Dance Competition. LeAnn loves being able to share her passion for dance with underprivileged children at the Boys and Girls Club in San Jose and currently attends the University of California at Berkeley

Kristen Jansen Martin

Dance Instructor

Grew up in the School of Dance and received the California State Talent Grand Champion trophy for two years for her lyrical solos before leaving for Hawaii Pacific University on a Dance Scholarship. She won the National Dance Alliance Collegiate Championship in 2004 with the Hawaii Pacific University Dance Team. Kristen graduated from SJSU in 2008 and has taught dance for 14years. Kristen is the director of the competition team Doizé Dream Team that has been California State Talent Grand Champions for 22 years and competes regionally and nationally. She now shares her love of dance with her daughter Sophia and son Mason.

Arianna Galvez

Dance Instructor

Arianna is currently attending cosmetology school and completing a degree in communications.  She began dancing at 4 years old.  Arianna tried  a couple of studios, but when she come to the Nancy Doizé School of Dance, she “felt she was home.”  Arianna was a member of the DDT and has always felt dance was a big part of her life.  She is happy to carry on her passion for dance to others with her teaching.

Rachel Barnett Wellington

Dance Instructor

Is a Bay Area native who grew up dancing in the South Bay competition circuit. She received a full scholarship to Hawaii Pacific University for dance and won the National Dance Alliance Collegiate Championship in 2004 with the Hawaii Pacific Team. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from SJSU and was named Outstanding Senior in 2009 for excellence in performance, choreography and academics. Rachel is part of the talented team of choreographers for the Doizé Dream Team and she will be sharing her dance time with her sons, Leo and Joa.