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Classes Offered

BALLET: A one hour class teaching the techniques of classical ballet along with the enjoyment of music and dance movement. Ballet is characterized by grace and precision of movement with elaborate formal gestures, steps and poses. Students are expected to learn ballet terminology, execution of steps and dances. Dance attire is a leotard, tights and ballet shoes.

JAZZ: A one hour class teaching the techniques of jazz dance. Current jazz dancing covers a wide spectrum of styles from Broadway to pop. It emphasizes body line and a flexible torso while utilizing fast, accurate footwork with the feet parallel (instead of turned out as in ballet). Dance attire is a tight fitting top or leotard, athletic/dance pants or leggings and jazz shoes.

TAP: Tap dancing was born from clog dancing when it was combined with African-American and Irish steps in the late nineteenth century. Single action taps on the soles of your shoes sound out the dance. This class teaches the fundamentals of tap, while students learn combinations of steps and dances. Dance attire is a leotard or other tight fitting top, athletic/dance pants or shorts and tap shoes.

LYRICAL: Lyrical dance is a blending of ballet, jazz and modern dance techniques creating a perfect avenue of self expression performed to contemporary music. A key element in lyrical is seeing the movements done in a flowing or continuous pattern. Lyrical dance interprets music or words, showing the audience the emotion of a particular piece. The dancers will gain fluidity of movement, grace, control and individual expression and self confidence. Dancers should have a strong and continuing background in ballet and jazz. Classes will consist of warm-ups, center and across the floor combinations. Dance attire is a leotard, tights or leggings, and jazz shoes or bare feet.

CREATIVE DANCE: A 45 minute class designed for the young student to develop their love of music and dance. Working on muscle development, students learn stretching techniques, steps and dances using scarfs, flowers and other objects to stimulate their imagination. Emphasis is on freedom of movement with music awareness. Dance attire is leotards and tights or a pretty ballerina costume or dress and ballet shoes.

DANCING TODDLERS: A 45 minute class of fun tapping and Creative Dance introducing dance to 2 1/2 year olds. Children will need tap and ballet shoes. Dress in leotards and tights or your favorite “dance” clothes.

TUMBLING TODDLERS: A 45 minute class to explore movement and have fun learning the art of tumbling: summersaults, log rolls, crab walks and wheel barrels. Movements will be practiced on matts.

HIP HOP: The history of hip hop can be traced back to an African martial art known as capoeta. This was first translated into break dancing, and it now takes many forms such as funk and pop-locking. Classes in hip hop most
resemble the dancing seen in rap and hip hop music videos. Dance attire is a top or leotard, athletic/dance pants or shorts, and tennis shoes or dance sneakers.


PILATES: Pilates is an exercise regimen for all fitness levels that utilizes breathing, alignment, gaze, and the “powerhouse” (abdomen, lower back and buttocks). Joseph Pilates created this system for his hospital patients basing it on a cat’s example of power and grace. Students need an exercise mat and should wear comfortable clothing and bare feet.

CONTEMPORARY: Contemporary Dance is not a specific dance technique. It is a collection of systems and methods developed from Modern Dance. Contemporary Dance principles include centering, gravity, breath, contraction, release, fall and recovery, tension and relaxation, opposition and emotion. It often utilizes ground work and the dancers often perform in bare feet.

TURN TECHNIQUES: This class will be dedicated to turn techniques only. Improve your pirouette skills and work on your ability to do fabulous multiple turns with control.

CHOREOGRAPHY & IMPROVISATION: Students create their own choreography by exploring different movement styles and music.

CALLING ALL THE BOYS: Focusing on the energy from the students in the class and their ability for large movements, the class includes dance steps from the styles of jazz and hip hop. Students wear clothes they can move
in and tennis shoes.

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